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Ta med Arctic Salt i dressjakken eller i håndvesken eller ryggsekken, på konferanse eller fjelltur! Boksen er 45mm i diameter og 15mm høy og rommer nok salt til både deg og ditt selskap. Naturlig icebreaker rundt ethvert middagsbord!

Perfekt bedriftsgave.



Salt to Go - Arctic Salt 15 gram

  • Right of return and complaint:

    The right for return and complaint does not apply if the cartridge seal has been broken after delivery. However: You have a 14-day timespan to return what you have purchased. These 14 days run from the day you receive the information of the return right, and it is important that you inform us as soon as possible that you would like to return the goods. You should inform us in writing within the 14-day period for the cancellation to be valid; feel free to use our e-mail address. If the terms for return and complaint are met, we will return all factual costs you have had connected with the transaction, except from costs connected to the return of the goods.

    Please remember to pack any returned goods in a safe and relevant packaging – if the goods are damaged on the way back to us, you might lose your right of return. Your right to complain gives you the opportunity to complain on the product for a certain time period; normally two years. If something is wrong with the product, you are kindly asked to contact us as soon as possible; preferably per mail.


    Freight and delivery:

    Normally, we send our goods with Bring, as an environmentally neutral package. You will be notified when the package is ready to be collected, unless it´s delivered on your doorstep. For foreign customers, deliveries are made by a company co-operating with Bring. Foreign custom fees and such will be paid by the customer.


    General conditions:

    The purchase deal is binding when you have received an order confirmation from us. We have a small disclaimer when it comes to pricing errors du to large currency changes, force majeure, changes in taxes, goods run out of stock, system errors and printing mistakes. We also would like to inform you that “user errors” does not trigger right of complaint, i.e. leaving the salt openly exposed to a moist environment, or in direct sunlight over time. It´ll compromise the salt, but since you did it, the right of complaint is not valid.


    Safe return:

    We recommend that returned goods are sent by Bring or a co-operating company, and also that the goods are traceable. This will make it easier for you to know that the returned goods actually came to us.


    Terms of sale for corporate customers:

    The terms are the same as for private customers, except for the following: Corporate customers do not have the right to return unless specifically noted in the agreement. The right to complaint is only one year, not two. If the right to complaint is used, the corporate customer pays for all expenses connected to the return transport.